A Message From the President: Sara Segal

Watching a film, have you ever had one scene, perhaps not central to the story or action, etch an indelible image in your mind? The movie may then fade from memory, but that one moment remains… like the small-town scene of young people with nothing to do that lodged in my mind at a recent screening. The sadness there in contrast to our adundant options. What a wealth of opportunity and activity in our Central Florida lives – and nowhere more so than at UCF!

Our calendar of Town & Gown programs and events would be enough to fill any openings on my Google calendar. In the first quarter of 2014, there were breakfast dates at the Dean’s Speaker Series at the Citrus Club, lunch at Interlachen to celebrate T&G Friendships, an afternoon campus tour of public art, evening theatrical performances at UCF and with the Shakespeare Theater in Loch Haven Park, and a grand Business Hall of Fame celebration at the Rosen School of Hospitality.

Then consider the enticing choices at ucf.edu! How to find time to hear from national and international speakers at the Lou Frey Institute or Global Perspectives, to enjoy the Music Department’s free rehearsals and concerts, check out the Book Fair, cheer on student athletes or revisit younger days simply by being on campus! This is a question central to our mission and commitment as members of Town & Gown.

The virtual world offers some ready answers. UCF and Town & Gown websites give us easy access to information, resources and things to do. Our Communication Committee has more options in development – coming soon! Won’t you add UCF to your regular online agenda and social media updates?

Our ever-evolving capacity to connect through technology can be a thrill. However, it doesn’t hold a candle to the pleasure of time together face-to-face. The last two occasions of the year offer a glorious evening of music at Symphony Under the Stars on April 17th and the Annual Meeting & Spring Program at East End Market on May 5th. A big part of both events is the social time for members and guests.

I hope you can join us as we finish the year. Your participation makes all the difference. Your input is also important as we work to connect university and community in ways that enrich all lives. How do you make these challenges work for you, finding time to invest in worthwhile endeavors? What can we do to set the stage for memorable experiences with meaningful impact? Thank you for sharing your ideas and for making Town & Gown a priority in your lives!

With appreciation,

Sara Segal

Sara Segal

UCF has a great story.

Know it. Share it.

Experience it. Enjoy it.