A Message From the President: Sara Segal

Welcome, 2014! Say so long to year-end reminiscing with a last look back at our fall schedule of programs on student success and The Center for Emerging Media, the annual Holiday Tea and an array of University events including Countdown to Kickoff, Dean’s Speaker Series, Global Perspectives, football and basketball, arts and culture, and additional UCF activities open to all and enjoyed by a number of our members and guests. Whew!

Were you able to participate? I hope so and hope you were inspired to share what you experienced. My goal and our board’s is to increase opportunities to connect university and community. My wish is that you will find the time you invest in Town & Gown worthwhile, fulfilling, and fun.

From hopes and aspirations, heartened by new year’s optimism and anticipation, resolutions take shape. Have you made your own? Will you join me in resolutions for Town & Gown? …to enrich your life by attending our programs and additional events …to visit UCF in order to explore and enjoy on your own …to discover how UCF is positively changing lives and communities and to spread this knowledge where it is unknown.

Our year’s ambitious second half will open doors to exceptional aspects of UCF through our annual Friendship and Spring programs, theater outings, speaker series, field trips, and cultural events at UCF. Websites like http://www.townandgown.ucf.edu and http://www.ucf.edu, list news and events of interest each day that require just minutes to read and share. Join us in person and online! Let us know how we can help.

With best wishes for 2014 and appreciation always,

Sara Segal

Sara Segal

UCF has a great story.

Know it. Share it.

Experience it. Enjoy it.