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President Hitt discusses new admission program in State of the University Address

September 25, 2013

Top high school students in Florida have a fast pass into UCF beginning next fall.

President John C. Hitt announced the new Top 10 Knights admission program at the annual State of the University address he gave on Tuesday.  read articles in UCF student newspaper, Central Florida Future, and the Orlando Sentinel:


UCF Reports $113M in Research Funding in Fiscal Year 2013

September 5, 2013

The College of Engineering and Computer Science received the most funding with $18.3 million, followed by the College of Sciences with $14.2 million. read more


Speaker Series Connects Global Ideas with Local Community

September 4, 2013


The UCF Global Perspectives Office each year helps bring prominent figures to campus to speak about pressing world issues and topics. Everyone is welcome to attend. See schedule of upcoming speakers.  read more


UCF’s Florida Space Institute hosts Space Tech 1.0 Conference

Space Tech 1.0 is designed to bridge the gap between technology, visionary science, and progressive space programs to create new approaches to global issues. read more

In April, 2013, UCF was awarded a $55 million NASA grant to build and launch into space an instrument the size of a microwave oven that will provide unprecedented imaging of the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The award is the largest single grant in UCF’s history, and UCF will become the first Florida university to lead a NASA mission.  read more


UCF Chemist, Company Make ‘Wonder Material’ Accessible

A UCF researcher has developed a proprietary method for making graphene  – an element that some have described as the “wonder material” of the century – accessible to industry. Graphene garnered worldwide attention in 2010 when two physics researchers from the University of Manchester in England were awarded the Nobel Prize for showing that the material, just one atom thick, has incomparable strength and elasticity… read more